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April 2014

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COME SEE MY FAVORITE band tonight at Tammany Hall 
(152 Orchard Street, NY, NY)
 Show starts at 8pm and JUS EVOLUTION  hits the stage @ 10PM. 
Cover is $10. Please feel free to invite your friends and family! 


Coming Soon: Kaye Fox "Here I Am"

"Hear I Am" the EP drops Monday, April 14th on www.kayefox.com for FREE download!


as I talk about the latest to drop from
with my LiveInTheCipher 

#NewMusic Female Flow Vol. 7 is finally here!!

So excited to share this volume of Female Flow with everyone... 
These ladies submitted to our GET IN THE FLOW 2 Contest via Reverbnation
and hail from Cali to Ny to Australia!! 
Hit us up...
@FemaleFlowMusic on Twitter and IG

20 Years Later... Mobb Deep Celebrates

Rosenberg chats with Havoc and Prodigy about what happened, how they changed and what the focus is in an in depth interview. Today is the release of their latest "The Infamous" which marks 20 years of the duo. I supported them at their album release party at the Red Bull Stations along with many fans and fellow emcees like 50 Cent, Busta, Statik Selekt, Big Kap and many more. The deluxe version includes includes some never heard before tracks from 1995 which had been sitting in a vault! 
There is ONLY one Mobb Deep like there is only ONE Krs-One or WU-Tang...some things just can't be copied, maybe imitated but never copied, you know? 
It is never easy, it takes work, it takes love and again work to make it through 20 years. Obviously it took some forgiveness and brotherly love to come back together again and that to me deserves a round of applause. It's a great example and an awesome event to share with the fans.

Every Tues Catch Toni Steelz & Gyvis on Xtreme104FM.com

New Music: Zito x Illa "American Girl"

New Music: LUCK ONE - The Curse of the Pharaoh

Q & A with your boy with questions from your favorite host Missy B:

Why the “Curse of the Pharaoh” for your title? 
When they went to excavate King Tutankhamen the inscription on the tomb read “Death shall come on swift wings to him who disturb the peace of the King” so the idea was when I put out my tape all these rappers were going to die. hahahaha

Born in Morningside Heights, NY but raised in Portland, Oregon you recently chose to move back to NYC, what prompted this? 
One of those things where it’s not about being successful in Portland but being successful for Portland. Being popular in Portland doesn’t afford the objectives I am trying to reach. I am neither defined by where I’m from, nor where I’m at. My goals are transcendent of my origins and my locale.

What’s the biggest difference you noticed immediately between Portland and NYC? 
The women.

What about them?
There are so many fine women, it makes me uncomfortable.

Who did you work with on this album production wise?
I worked with Trox who recently worked with 50 Cent. I worked with Dekk out of Portland who’s been doing work with T.D.E… they are all people who I know and vibed with before.

Why did you release this today? Why now?
It’s been over a year since I released something and I just wanted to get it out. I usually have everything all lined up but this time the process was taking too long. So I just set a date and worked like crazy, it just feels like it’s time to present something new to the fans.

There are 20 tracks on this album… do you have a favorite or a track that is more personal?
The personal track is “HOLD ON” which is about me leaving a lot of bad habits behind… for years I was in a cloud and it was the first track I wrote with a clear mind. It’s a clarity that I hope I have the strength to never surrender again.

What would you say is the overall vibe or style of “Curse of the Pharoah”?
Intelligent Street Music. A broad spectrum of lyrical content and musical soundscapes.

Any last words? Shot outs?
I love my fans.

#Events: Meet us at SHOWOFF SUNDAYS

Derek Corely, SoulFireUSA, Forward Venue LLC, Go Hard or Go Home & Missy B Present:

Bi-Monthly Showcase Series of "Emerging Talent"

152 Orchard St
{Stanton & Rivington}
 6PM Doors Open

Happy Hour:7pm-11pm

Showtime: 8pm

DJ Showcrime


Style: Trendy & Hip

derek corley
or MISSY B 201-743-8772


Question: How do you feel about that?


Loved this song and message from Asher Roth... 
New Music dropping 4/22 

Every Tuesday Night on EXTREME104FM.COM

Ran into my girl Toni Steele how invited me out to her radio show which airs every Tuesday night on www.xtreme104FM.com so make sure you check it out!! She plays all kinds of music and our guy GYVIS is on the tables so you know it's nothing but good music. She also supports indie artists and music vets so hit her up if you want to get an interview. 

New Music: Low Leaf " A Light Within"

Filipino-American vocalist, Low Leaf is a multi-instrumentalist artist based in Los Angeles. On her latest release, “A Light Within”, Low Leaf sings and plays harp discreetly over an unclassifiable wade from longtime L.A. producer King Britt (Digable Planets, De La Soul).

Low Leaf’s next self-produced project AKASHAALAY is due April 29th via Fresh Selects, while Britt is working on his own new LP, Fhloston Paradigm. “A Light Within”, an outtake from the latter, won’t appear on either project, but you can stream it below and download it for free from Bandcamp. (repost from Consequence of Sound)

New Video: @iLLAwtf "Bad Bish" featuring Faceshawn

Illa hails from the NW and has been a constant music representative of the area. "Bad Bish" featuring fellow Portland emcee, Faceshawn, is a song bragging about his new found love. Directed by Colin Stewart and Illa himself they take off in the classic Porsche as well as capture some local images. For more go to www.illababy.com
style="text-align: center;">

Events: Open Crates - Vinyl Culture Collective

Join us every Wednesday night at Brightside Tavern in Jersey City for 
a fun and casual night of spinning that ever so demanding vinyl. This is for music lovers, Djs, Producers, Artists and YOU!
From classics to contemporaries we all bring a piece or two to throw on the turntables... jazz, rock, hiphop, house, gospel whatever you have BRING IT!

There is...
No Cost
Great Food
Good Drinks
Awesome People
Close to Lightrail (Jersey Ave)
Decent Parking
Phenomenal Music

New Video: Kaye Fox featuring YP "Used to Love You"

The first single from the EP "Hear I Am" by Kaye Foxx was directed by @leondotcom for @mudwingmedia which shows a relationship that has reached its boiling point due to deception. We have all been there right? Kaye Fox, born in South Carolina moved to the Westside of Chicago as a young child. Like most she found her voice in church choir but didn't stop there. Linking up with Grammy Award winning producer NO ID and together they built an incredible catalogue of music that made her a sought after commodity not only in Chicago, but all throughout the music industry. As a part of No ID's production team, Kaye Fox has gained vocal credits on some of the last few year’s top albums from artists such as Kanye West, Rick Ross, Nas, Richard Ashcroft (The Verve), Big Sean, J Cole, & Common.  This latest single "Used to Love You" featuring YP was produced by Kaye Fox, Emmaculate, & Shebazz Curtis.  Look out for her new EP titled “Hear I Am”, which is set to be released in April. The project is a masterful combination of R&B/Soul and Gospel influenced vocals, organic musicianship, and hard beats that promise energetic performances with her live band. Kaye's songs are authentic, personal expressions. She has managed to make commercially viable music with genuine heart and soul. Her involvement in the project is comprehensive including songwriting, vocal arrangements, and co-producing the music. Kaye Fox is a rare breed of artist that is able to create visions of complete songs and bring them to life along with her production team. Follow her on Twitter!  

For all my producers and fans of "Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka"

In this episode of Reclaiming the Remix w/ Maschine, Grammy Nominated producer Baby Paul revisits one of his classic "Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka" by Heltah Skeltah and O.G.C.   


Is NSA using Facebook to access your computers?

Many already believe as there is documents online that Facebook was created by the NSA & FBI but the latest development was shared in this recent interview by Lee Hawkins a News Editor & on-air host at the Wall Street Journal. So if this is false what is Facebook doing to prevent our privacy from being "hacked" by the government. If we consider how our local police "profile" us then we can only imagine how the NSA is doing the same. Possibly millions of people? Why would there even be a program that makes a computer "think" it is on one page but not? This sounds like a virus or hacker, does it not? What exactly is FB doing to protect our info? 


I can feel the melody inside of me 
Flowing through my hands 
Jumping through my chest 
Bumpin in my brain brain brain
It's no obsession, it's an addiction 
Can't live without it, cuz it helps with my emotions 
When I'm sad, it gives me a smile 
And when I'm down it helps me forget the hurt 
Just the sound is so captivating 
I just can't help but groove to the music 
When I hear it, I can feel it 
It's something that became part of me 
Just the bass, piano and strings 
Creates a melody that makes you feel good 
So much passion, so much life 
There's only one way to describe how I feel and it's I'm in love 
I'm in love with music 
I'm in love with music 
I'm in love with music 
I'm in love with music 
Love it when it's bumpin 
Cuz it flows right in my system 
I just can't help it cuz 
I can feel it 
I'm in love with music 

image: QuestLove


There is NO denying it, I have said if for years and finally the 
world is seeing it. Liv Warfield performed her latest "Soul Lifted" of the latest 
album The Unexpected on Arsenio the other night. 
Such an amazing performer and the band was so on point!
this album!!
Oh and didn't she look ravishing!? 

New Mixtape by Dreezy "Schizo"

I heard her before but the track "Schizophrenia" pulled me in immediately!
Dreezy, out of Chicago, pours her emotions out this song produced by D. Brooks. 
She recently dropped the video directed by @WhoIsHiDef and with her mixtape doing some numbers I highly suggest you give her a minute of your time!

"I'm lost, I need directions, been running from the truth I'm out of breath I need a second, But I just smile like nothing wrong because until I find myself, I'm just a perfect song."